A park of Rocks  LbNA # 36670 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 12 2007
LocationYuma, AZ
Found By Varkdog, AMK & LiL Frog
Last Found Nov 24 2007
Hike Distance?

MISSING! 12/26/07: Letterbox could not be found. It is either stolen or moved somewhere else in the park.

There is a charming children's book by author Alice McLearn, which tells the story of a park here in Yuma. The
park was but rocks and wooden boxes, but the children who played there created a world there with their imagination.

When you visit this park, you can bring a rock from your corner of the world to place beside the sign which pictures a map of the U.S. Now you are ready to visit the real park. With or without a rock, it's still an adventure.

Begin at the main entrance and follow the concrete path until it ends. Then continue walking towards the stone sign, which proclaims the name of the park. With your back to the center of the back of the sign, walk forward 7 steps. In front of you will be a boulder. Look underneath, where there is a curvature in the boulder. There will be a hole there covered by 2 small rocks. The letterbox is in that hole, behind the rocks. Enjoy!