Ocean-to-Ocean Letterbox  LbNA # 36671 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 12 2007
LocationYuma, AZ
Found By PunkSoulBrother
Last Found Jul 4 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 20 2015

MISSING AGAIN: Nov. 5, 2011

REPLACEMENT BOX! NEW BOX placed 2/1/11 in a slightly different location. Read new clue.

This is our third box for this one. Please replace well.

We wanted to place this letterbox with a view of the magnificent Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge. What better place to start than the park just underneath the bridge. Gateway Park is located at 259 N. Gila St.

Park in the lower parking lot (nearest to the bridge). Take some time to enjoy the view of both the bridge and the Colorado River. You can easily walk to the Ocean-to-Ocean bridge and stroll across. Enjoy the view of the Colorado River as you walk across. From the bridge you'll also see the Territorial Prison. Enjoy!

After walking across the bridge, head back to the parking lot where you parked. On the way you will pass a sign about Yuma being a Playful City. Before reaching the restrooms, stop and look for a scenic photo spot with both the bridge and the mission visible. On your right, look for a large rock. The letterbox will be behind that rock under a stone.