Lion Fish - Beauty is Only Skin Deep  LbNA # 36674

Placed DateNov 12 2007
LocationFairview, TN
Found By Cude Clan
Last Found Aug 9 2015
Hike Distance?

Highway 96 through Franklin goes under the Natchez Trace Parkway and eventually "T's" into Highway 100. Turn left and proceed through Fairview. Turn right at a park named for Evangeline Bowie. From the restroom back near Picnic area "A" take Lake Van trail through the trees and turns left with the lake on the right. Follow to the back side to the Loblolly split and go to the left avoiding the foot bridge on the right. You'll pass several exercise stations. A bench and green trash can will appear on the right of the trail with an option to follow the Twin Lakes trail. Stay on the Loblolly loop. (Do not turn off on the Twin Lakes trail). Continue until you get to exercise station 4. Behind exercise station 4 is the turned upright remains of roots of a fallen tree. The box is on the back side of this upturned dirt/root pile.