Waterworks  LbNA # 36681

Placed DateNov 12 2007
LocationCuyahoga Falls, OH
Found By JLR9900
Last Found Jun 29 2014
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by TravelingLongfellows and adopted in June 2009 by Trackside. Clues provided and stamp carved by TravelingLongfellows.

Waterworks park is located off MonroeFalls Ave. in Cuyahoga Falls behind the waterpark. Just keep driving past the pool, under the train bridge and follow the road to the right. Park at the entrance to the bike trail, here your adventure begins!
The hike and bike trail will begin by the baseball fields, keep walking until you come to a bridge with red rails, take the time to enjoy the view from the bridge, (you may want to take along some bread for the ducks!). When you come to the end of the bridge take a left and walk the trail until you come to the first old telephone pole that is located to your right along the path, take 22 steps forward and turn left, walk to the edge of the trail and walk 6 steps forward into the woods, be carefull the ground will slowly slope, bend down and look behind the stick pile in a hollowed log to find your treasure! Be sure to pile the sticks after your done to hide the box again! Have Fun!!