Putt...Putt...To The Pizza Hut...  LbNA # 36687 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 12 2007
LocationWichita, KS
Found By digitalgoddess
Last Found Feb 27 2010
Hike Distance?

As I found today, May 30,2010, this box is missing. I will update if I recarve and replant.

In 1958, two brothers who attended the namesake university of this city, borrowed $600 from their mom, took some used equipment and occupying this small house on Kellogg and Bluff, started the largest pizza chain in the world. The jingle associated with this restaurant years ago was "putt, putt to the pizza hut..." Ads featured a little Italian pizza maker with a pizza paddle in one hand. He wore a red and white checkered kerchief around his neck. The original house resembled a hut, thus the name. This structure was refurbished and moved to the campus these young men attended. It is dedicated to future young entrepreneurs. Did I mention that the Carney brothers sold their chain in 1977 to PepsiCo for the tidy sum of $300,000,000? Stop in and read the markers, peek in the windows if they are open. Another bit of trivia: note the first name listed as assisting the brothers refurbish this structure. Buck Alley is Kirstie Alley's dad.
Clues: From Hillside take 17th St. east to Fairmount. Turn left into the campus and take a right on Perimeter Road. Follow this around until you see the Pizza Hut building. Park in one of the 3 spaces facing north. Walk to the fence line noting the water tower above. Walk north along the fence ~ 25 steps to a broken board. Discreetly kneel down pulling the broken piece gently out and reach in to find your "piece a da pie!" Surprise for the first finder.