Grady Gators  LbNA # 36688 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTall Texan    
Placed DateNov 13 2007
LocationHouston, TX
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Box is alive as of 12/02/2008

Difficulty: Easy Walking Box

The Grady Gator Letterbox is located at Grady Middle School on San Felipe at Sage in the Tanglewood subdivision in West Houston. The school is very near the Galleria shopping district. The letterbox is on Grady property but is located “outside the fence” of the school. If you visit, please remember that you are on Houston Independent School District property. Also consider that the school is very busy Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm. so you may want to look for this letterbox when it is less busy. You can park in the parking lot along Sage.

To the Letterbox - Find the front of the school, facing the corner of Sage at San Felipe. You will see the “waiting tree” surrounded by four benches. Sit on the bench facing the front door of the school. The clues begin here.

To find the box you are looking for
see the clues around Grady’s door.
To count the steps that you do need
5(1000) less you should heed.
But which way to start your quest?
Which direction should be best?
North, south east or west?
For the direction that you should walk
about this Band members freely talk.
Chart your course for the spot you need,
for the cape that blows without a reed.
It’s direction from here you can tell
by studying an atlas very well.
A look at the end of your journey shows
parts of a house now laid low.
At shoulder height in a breach it's said
a Grady Gator's growling head.

Please make sure that the stamp and logbook are back in their ziplock bags and the lid tightly closed. Please rehide the box and cover well.

Go Gators.