Tackle Box  LbNA # 36694 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGhost of IRA Boxer    
Placed DateNov 10 2007
LocationHuntsville, TX
Found ByStepping By Faith (Attempted)
Last UpdateMar 14 2014


**Box was moved 11-4-09 so you might want to print new clues**

As long as youíre going to the lake, you might as well go fishing, right? Letís see, youíll need a fishing pole, so be sure to bring one along. Okay, you got your pole, right? What about tackle? You need a hook and a bobber, and a tackle box to carry it all in before you can catch a fish. Say you forgot to bring your tackle box? Donít worry, I know where you can find one.

The tackle box is in Huntsville State Park. To get there, get on I-45 and find the big statue of Sam Houston. You canít miss it. Just south of old Sam, take Park Road 40 West to the park. Since itís a state park, youíll have to pay your fee, but the fishing will be well worth the cost. Be sure to get a trail map at the office.

To the Box:
From Park Headquaters, continue on Park Road 40, passing Park Road 40A, and staying right at the fork. Turn into the Prairie Branch Camping Area and go the trailhead parking lot at the far north end of the camping area. Take the sidewalk to the trailhead and start walking north on the trail. Soon you will come to a tee junction where the Prairie Branch Trail crosses the Dogwood Trail. Turn left and you will see a sign that says ďNo Bicycles Beyond This PointĒ. Keep walking on this trail, keeping the lake to your left, until you get to a wooden walkway/footbridge. Turn around and take 50 steps back along the trail from whence you came. On your left will be a medium Sweetgum tree, very near the trail. On the back side of the tree, in a hollow at its base, you will find the tackle box behind sticks and stuff. Go fish. There are other letterboxes hidden in this great park, so come prepared to find them.