The Bird in Black  LbNA # 36698

OwnerLone Star Quilter    
Placed DateNov 14 2007
LocationHuntsville, TX
Found By GirlsJustWantToHaveFun
Last Found Nov 23 2015
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Youíve heard of Men in Black? That ainít me. The Man in Black? Hey, that was Johnny Cash, right? Iím the Bird in Black; my name is Coloneh. Those great Native Americans, the Cherokees, gave the name to me, just like they gave it to Sam Houston, only they gave it to me first. Itís like, an honor, okay? They put up a statue of old Sam, not far from here. You probably saw it when you drove in. Loosely translated, Coloneh means The Raven. Poe wrote a poem about me. Donít confuse me with my cousins, the Crows. Iím smarter than they are. Some say Iím the smartest bird in the world, and I ainít denyiní it. The black suit? Iím a classy dresser, all right? Ainít no bird classier, Ďcept maybe a Penquin, but they canít fly, so they donít impress me none. I fly like an Eagle. Speakiní of which, all that flyingís make me tired and I need a nap. Come up and see me sometime. Hereís my address:

Huntsville State Park is about 60 miles north of Houston, Texas on I-45. Take Park Road 40 West from the Interstate and proceed to park headquarters where you will pay your entry fee and get a trail map.

To the Box:
Drive into the park. At the Nature Center, turn left onto Park Road 40A and proceed past all the camping until you reach the farthest parking lot on the right at the very end loop. Starting at the trail sign, take the Chinquapin Trail heading uphill. Shortly, youíll come to a trail junction to the right, but you should go straight ahead, crossing footbridge No. 16, then a longer, new footbridge which isnít numbered. Just past this bridge, the trail will intersect with Triple C Trail. Turn right and go 0.09 miles (clearly marked on the trail map), then right again on the Chinquapin Trail. After a short walk, you will cross footbridge No. 15. As soon as you cross it, continue for 200 steps, admiring the view of Lake Raven through the trees. As the trail makes a big bend to the left, you will see on your left a very large growth of woody material on the bottom of an oak tree. Stop here and look to your right, in the directin of the lake. You will see a medium-size downed tree just off the trail. Follow it to its base end, where it rests against a small broken tree which is about 4 1/2 feet tall. The Bird in Black has made his nest between the small tree and the log, and covered himself with pieces of bark and leaves. Please put him back in the nest and cover him as you found him so that you donít disturb his sleep.