View of Crow's Nest  LbNA # 36704

Placed DateNov 11 2007
LocationSoda Springs, CA
Planted ByLinda    
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Lake Van Norden is a watershed at Donner Summit. It is between old Hwy 40 and Sugar Bowl Ski Area.

The large, western-most peak at Sugar Bowl is Crow's Nest. If you sight Crow's Nest from Hwy 40, follow the ridge west til you see an intersecting ridge. On that ridge, you will see a clearing with some big boulders. The letterbox is under one of the big boulders, on the northeast side of the rock.

The GPS coordinates are:
north 39 degrees 18.257
west 120 degrees 21.541

The challenge will be how to get to this clearing. You can hike straight up from Hwy 40 (careful. you have to cross the railroad tracks!), or you can follow the ridge up from either side (recommendation is to hike up the ridge from the west side--follow road signs to Serene Lakes). Box will be under 6 feet of snow in the winter, so look only in Spring, Summer or Fall.

Note: surrounding land is owned by Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski area (aka Foster Symes Development). They are planning on developing timeshare condos, lodges, and other recreational facilities in this area in the very near future. Enjoy the wilderness while you can!