Camp Carondelet  LbNA # 36730

OwnerGradys Glorify God    
Placed DateNov 17 2007
CountyPrince William
LocationManassas Park, VA
Found By Moofie & Blaze
Last Found Jul 10 2010
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This is a short walk, no more than 1/4 of a mile. It is good for kids as well as jogging strollers.

We did not plant ink or a pen with this box. I would suggest a grey ink.

Camp Carondelet, also known as the Louisiana Brigade Winter Camp, is an 8 acre Civil War encampmant that was used around the time of the first battle of Manassas.

Here is a write up from the Manassas Park City Website about this historical site:

***Known as the home for the Louisiana Troops, Camp Carondelet was the site for the Grand Ball in early February 1862. At this site, soldiers built a series of log cabins to make it through the harsh winter. In spring, the troops burned all of the cabins, but the foundations remain. The Louisiana Brigades had a reputation of being fierce warriors and Camp Carondelet is one of only two sites remaining of its kind, the other being located near Williamsburg, Virginia. Camp Carondelet is listed in the National Register as an historical landmark.***

If you would like to know more about Camp Carondelet here is a link:;read=1188

This historical site is located in the Blooms Crossing subdivision in Manassas Park.

Starting from the corner of Signal View Drive and Manassas Drive head east into the Blooms Crossing development. Follow Manassas Drive past the flashing stop sign to William Street. Turn right on William and drive to the T intersection which is Stephanie Street. Turn Right and park along the right side of the road. The brown entrance sign can be found just behind the corner house on Stephanie.

Follow the paved path down to the fence and the entrance to the site. At the Y intersection turn left and walk along the white fence. This path will curve into the woods. While you are walking count off the red trail marks on the trees on the left side of the path. Stop when you come to the 14th one.

At 45 degrees about 22 paces in you will see a four trunked tree, here you will find what you seek.

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