Cross Mountain  LbNA # 36740

Placed DateNov 17 2007
LocationFredricksburg, TX
Found By photopam
Last Found Mar 17 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedJan 1 2016

This mountain is named for the giant cross which graces the landscape. A German settler erected the original cross of timber; a more modern version of concrete and steel now occupies the historic spot. From Highway 290 go north on Milam (Ranch Road 465). Turn on the left when you see the sign that says Cross Mountain with an arrow pointing. DO NOT take Cross Mtn Dr. Turn left and park in the parking area. Read the historical marker. At the north end of the parking area there is a fence with and enter arrow. Start walking after going thru the gate. This is uphill about .3 mile on a gravel road. Follow road to the top. Admire and read about the cross, when facing the marker look to the left and see a single live oak tree, look alittle further and there is two more. Just in front of the two trees is a small rock ledge, tucked up and covered with rocks is the letterbox. If you are a fellow volksmarcher this is on the Cross Mountain YRE, do both at the same time!