Reserve of Turpin  LbNA # 36765

Placed DateNov 18 2007
LocationCincinnati, OH
Planted ByThe Levys    
Found By LEED.
Last Found Jul 7 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located near The Reserve of Turpin clubhouse. The Reserve of Turpin is a neighborhood located off of Clough Pike in Anderson Township. From clough turn onto Copperleaf Lane. Drive up Copperleaf to the clubhouse which will be located on the right hand corner of Copperleaf and Coveyrun. Walk around the pool. Standing in the corner nearest to the Tennis and Basketball courts turn to face three bushes and a tree. Walk 35 paces (one pace equals 2 steps). walk between the bushes and tree. There is a steep downhill. Walk downhill into the woods until you see a big tree. On the side of the tree near the roots you will find the letterbox hidden under 2 rocks.