Confederate Flag  LbNA # 368 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateJan 30 2003
LocationMexia, TX
Found By BarefootLucy
Last Found Dec 29 2005
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*** Part of my Six Flags Over TX Series ***
Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 400 yards RT)
Status: reported missing (08/17/06)

Texas in the Confederacy: 1861-1865

Sixteen years after Texas joined the union, the American Civil War erupted. Governor Sam Houston, urging Texans to stay aloof or reestablish a neutral republic, was driven from office. Texas cast its lot with the doomed southerners, reaping devastation and economic collapse as did all Confederate states. Texas did, however, win the final battle of the Civil War when Rip Ford defeated Union troops in the battle of Palmetto Ranch near Brownsville on May 13, 1865, not knowing the South had capitulated a month earlier. The Confederate flag flown in Texas was the South's first national emblem, "The Stars and Bars" of the Confederate States of America, although the later X-crossed Confederate Battle Flag is better known today. In 1889, twenty-four years after the end of the Civil War, veterans of the confederacy in Limestone and Freestone counties assembled as an encampment and formed the Joe Johnston Camp No. 94 - United Confederate Veterans. The 1889 meeting was the first of a series of annual reunions that continued for many years until the site eventually became the Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historic Site. Attractions include historic buildings and a Civil War cannon. You can also canoe 3 miles on the Navasota river to Fort Parker State Park.

Mexia is located about 170 miles north of Houston. The park entrance is 6 miles south of Mexia on State Highway 14, then 2.5 miles west on FM 2705.

Enter the park and locate the Val Verde Cannon in the middle of the main entry parkway. Park on the left at the playground and walk over to the cannon to read about its history. Determine which side (North or South) originally owned the cannon and walk this direction about 50 yards toward the Miss Mamie Kennedy Confederate Flirtation Walk trail head. Walk this trail about 100 yards, passing "The Colonel's Spring", to a suspension bridge that crosses a creek to an island. Walk across to the west and continue on the path for about 50 paces to another suspension bridge. Do not cross; instead, walk around the far (west) stone block and look under the metal floor of the bridge next to the block. Under some dead branches and leaves lies the box. Please re-cover as found.