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Majestic Moose!  LbNA # 36804

Placed DateOct 9 2007
LocationGould, CO
Planted ByThe Oncoming Storm    
Found By Woodland Paws
Last Found Jul 8 2009
Hike Distance?

Majestic Moose!

From Fort Collins, CO, take US-287 north and turn left on CO-14 up the Poudre Canyon. Travel ~75 miles, going past Cameron Pass to a Visitor Center that Moose would love (just before Gould).

From Steamboat Springs , CO (~80 mile one-way) or Walden, CO, take CO-14 East, past Gould to a State Forest Visitor Center that moose would love.

Park in the visitor center parking lot and if you do not have a pass to the State Parks, purchase one from inside the visitor center (current price ~$6.00 for the day). The visitor center has picnic benches and is a good place for lunch.

Go to the back of the visitor center and walk east on the Gould Trail. Continue east, past the road to the Gould Community Center until you reach (about 0.8 miles in) a sign that reads the Gould Trail Silver Creek (The other trail goes to Ranger Lakes).

Take this right turn and cross Katie's Bridge. Walk over to a older wooden building and stand with your back to the door on the south-southwest (SSW) side of the building. Turn and locate the stump at ~120 degrees. Walk to it.

From the stump you will notice a very faint game trail that heads off in a roughly SE direction. Walk along it roughly ~45 paces east-southeast (ESE) to another stump that appears just before the landscape begins to open up to a meadow. The game trail continues up a small hill to the right, but stop at the stump.

Behind this second stump is a log. Look under the rocks on the south end of the log for the prize that you seek.

Compass note: We have a declinated compass, which means that it is adjusted for some errors. Colorado's declination is roughly 10 degrees so some of the numbers may be off by about 10 degrees if you don't have a declinated compass.

Look out for moose and review moose safety before venturing into this area. Dress in layers, be discreet and have fun! Remember to re-hide the letterbox well!

This box includes a handmade stamp and handmade journal. Bring your own brown ink or stamp-pad. First finders certificate!