The Log Cabin  LbNA # 36806 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerABS Family    
Placed DateNov 17 2007
LocationHuntsville, MO
Found By Jesemiaud
Last Found Nov 27 2010
Hike Distance?

No history for this one. But you will need to do some light reading once you get to the location. The letterbox is in the small town of Huntsville. It is located in western Randolph county. Take 63 to 24 west 6 miles to the only exit for Huntsville. Turn right. Drive to the four way stop. Turn right onto E Depot St. Park by the cabin. Take a walk and read about the cabin and the other interesting things that are mentioned. The key is V.C.V.'s mother's maiden name. Get back in your vehicle and proceed down E Depot St. Turn left on Oak St. Enter into the gates. Turn right after Miles passing Hughes. Right at Bassett past Bagby's to four matching stones that bear the maiden name. From the matching stones, 20 degrees for 25 1/2 paces to the twins of the same name. Face the stones and feel their parent's grief. Look over your left shoulder at eye level for your prize. Brown would be my color of choice. Rehide well!!