WABASH  LbNA # 36807

OwnerABS Family    
Placed DateNov 17 2007
LocationMoberly, MO
Found By nedhead
Last Found Sep 16 2012
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On September 27, 1866, the largest city in Randolph County was born, a product of a railroad auction. In connecting with the Chariton and Randolph Railroad at Moberly, the North Missouri Railroad Company began a legacy of railroading in the county lasting to this day. With the coming of the Wabash Railroad Shops in 1873, Moberly seemed to spring from the prairie overnight and was subsequently dubbed the "magic city."
This letterbox is a tribute to the Railroad and how much effect it has had on Moberly. The "Magic City" has changed. So has the railroad. This letterbox starts at the former location of the Wabash Depot. The majority of the depot was destroyed in 1995 in the July 4th tornado that ripped through the heart of the town. What does remain is now a railroad museum.
Take 63 to EE/Rollins St. Turn left. Drive until you go under the train tracks. Immediately turn right and go up the hill. Park in the parking lot by the town clock. Look south down the brick path to a vehicle that is not used anymore. That was my favorite part of seeing a train. This spot is truly historical. Look around. Enjoy it. The best part of letterboxing is that this might be the only time you are ever in this location?
Back to the hunt. Get back in your vehicle. Down the hill. Right. Drive to T. Right. Drive to T. Left. Drive to sort of T. Right. Omar should be on your left. Turn left into park. Stay left. Drive by ball field on your left. S curve. Rock/Road Dam. Hill. Stay right. Mini train on left. Park ahead on right. Walk south to Bertley St crossing on the mini train. From north of Bertley St sign 205 degrees for 19 paces to tree on your left shoulder. 200 degrees for 11 paces to tree and evergreen on your right shoulder. 150 degrees for 6 paces. Your goal lays in wait. Rehide well and use stealth. The area is busy on some afternoons when the train is in operation.