Once upon a time.....  LbNA # 36811

Placed DateNov 20 2007
LocationFlorence, SC
Planted Bythe Dawg Pound    
Found By pages
Last Found Apr 22 2015
Hike Distance?

This box is hidden in The Florence Book Exchange on Palmetto St/76 Hwy. To find the book, you must decipher the clues below to find the Author's name and the name of the novel. Then when you have the Author and Title, ask for the book at the bookstore.

What author was born Sidney Schechtel?

To find the title, find the answer to the following clues. Title is 3 words.
His TV works spanned a 20 year period during which he created _ _______ __ _______. (1st letter of first word is 1st letter of title)

He was born on ___________. (1st letter of month is 2nd letter of title)

He attended ___________ University. (4th letter is 3rd letter of title)

He served in the military during _______ ________ ____ as a pilot in the Army Air Corps. (1st letter of first 2 words is the 10th letter in title)

In 1969, he wrote his first novel, ____ _____ ______ which won him a nomination for the Edgar Allen Poe Award for Best First Novel. (4th letter of second word is 14th letter of title)

He was married for 30 years to _____ ___________ ________. (1st letter of second name is 11th letter of title)

His autobiography ____ _________ ____ ___ ___ was published in 2005. (1st letter of second word is 4th letter of title. 1st letter of 4th word is 6th letter of title)

He won a Tony Award for best musical for ________. (1st letter is 7th and 8th letters of title)

He won an ________ Award for his work on I Dream of Jeannie. (Double letter is 5th and 13th letters in title)

He won an Academy Award for ________ _________ ___________ for the Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer. (1st letter of second work is 6th and 9th letter of title)

In 1973, he wrote The _____ ____ of Midnight. (1st letter word of 1st word is 12th letter. 1st letter of second is 15th letter)

Title of novel: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

No ink pad in box, please bring ink or markers.

First Finders Certificate is in box for FF. Good Luck and happy hunting!