the only answer  LbNA # 36823

Placed DateNov 20 2007
LocationDanville, IL
Found By Jaxom and Sharra
Last Found Apr 13 2010
Hike Distance?

Removed for winter 10-10-11

I am very thankful to not only have a short drive to work (less gas), but also a very theraputic drive. I go through Kickapoo park every morning and evening. I have seen large flocks of turkeys, geese with multiple goslings, and even a doe nursing her fawn in the middle of the road. But the scenery doesn't stop at Kickapoo, so I want to share the rest of my scenic drive.

Heading west out of Kickapoo, check your milage marker. This will be just under 2 miles from the Please Come Again sign. Turn right at the first road. WOW Look at the rock formations. You'll continue up the valley around numerous curves, pass rushing streams (in th spring), and under a wonderful canopy of leaves (in the summer). (In the fall the leaves are gorgeous.) After reaching the top, you will have a beautiful scenic overlook of the Middlefork Preserve (in the winter). Now start looking for a parking lot labeled 3. Park and walk towards the cemetary. Go through the gate and head towards the east end. Find a headstone that has a hand pointing to the Savior. Follow the row of stones to the north and look under the triangular logs to find the answer.

After leaving the only answer, return south to Sportsman's Lake. During cold weather, you may have to park at the top of the hill, but it is a short walk on paved road.

Use the following song to figure out the clues using the code.

Each line of the song is labeled A, B, or C, etc. Each letter of the line is numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. until the end of the line.

A - A m a z i n g - g r a c e

B - H o w - s w e e t - t h e - s o u n d.

C - T h a t - s a v e d - a - w r e t c h - l i k e - m e.

D - I - o n c e - w a s - l o s t,

E - b u t - n o w - I'm - f o u n d.

F - W a s - b l i n d - b u t - n o w - I - s e e.

Here's your clues following the code.

A-8 B-2, B-16 B-13 B-3 A-6, B-10 A-5 C-17 C-17.

C-7 A-12 A-12 A-9, C-12 A-5 A-8 B-1 B-8.

E-9 A-5 A-9 B-4 B-8, C-17 B-2 B-8, B-13 A-6,

C-17 A-12 E-9 B-8.

C-15 A-9 B-2 B-4 B-4, A-9 B-2 A-1 C-9.

B-14 A-6 C-9 A-12 A-9, C-9 B-13 C-11 A-6 A-12 C-9,

C-17 B-2 A-8.

Be aware that during shotgun deer season that both these areas may be closed.