Crosses  LbNA # 36829

Placed DateNov 20 2007
LocationHighlands Ranch, CO
Planted Bywildman    
Found By Woodland Wanderer
Last Found Jul 13 2008
Hike Distance?

This park does not allow dogs in the pak thought there is a dog park on the south east side of the park.
Though is a gerat place to take the kids on a bike ride on the trails around and going out of the park or having a picnic.

Park in the west parking lot at heritage park down by the mini golf. Head south on the cement path, which is on the west border of the park. Keep going on the path past the bathroom and to the bridge. Cross the bridge and right after you cross make a 180 degree turn to the right and head down the side of the bridge. Go to the second pole of the railing that is on the bridge. Crosses is under a pile of rocks with a lambs ear leaf on top of the box but under the rocks. Enjoy!!