Trees of 3s  LbNA # 3684

Placed DateMay 11 2003
LocationWest Hartford, CT
Planted ByMDMT    
Found By DenMomP72D4
Last Found Apr 12 2015
Hike Distance?

***Update 8/28/05 - I've been informed that box #3 has suffered an injury and is now waterlogged. Unfortunately, I've moved 1000 miles away and can't replace it, so anyone is welcome to replace or fix it. Sorry.***


Distance: Not really sure. A few miles.
Time: Around 2 hours, maybe more
Difficulty: Easy except for 2 spots, which I pointed out down below. Those more difficult ones are moderate.
Fun factor: super duper wicked fun

These letterboxes are located at the MDC Reservoir in West Hartford - a gorgeous local spot where we love to hike. This is a beautiful area and we decided to head you on a little hike so you can appreciate all that this site has to offer.

Park in the main parking lot in the back. Start on the main trail in a counterclockwise direction. From the yellow gate, walk 35 paces (1 pace=2steps) along the main path and veer left onto the dirt path heading NE. Keep walking until you see a large tree stump on the right along the path and you can see a little house in front and above you in the distance. As the path becomes a hill upwards, veer to the right and down the hill onto the green grass. Walk to the edge of the stream with a stone fence on the opposite side of the stream directly in front of you. Head south along the stream into the woods. Walk to the end of the fallen tree on your right. Stop, turn right (looking west) and walk to the first tree of 3 (with a buddy in the middle).

Ok, now get back on that dirt path and head upwards towards the little house you originally saw to the grey rock path. Turn left and walk along the path through the 2 blue posts towards the woods. This is the first spot where it gets a little more difficult. Follow the path to the right as it goes upwards into the woods, but follow the trail as it makes an immediate left (you’ll see 2 large trees with a fallen one spanning the 2). Head up the hill, quickly passing the swinging vine on the left side of the trail. Follow the trail as it zags right (you’ve gone too far if you went between the 2 large trees that makes the straight path narrow). After zagging right, you’ll see some mossy rocks on your left (when I saw it, it was dripping with water). Be careful, the rocks may be a little slippery. Continue heading up the hill until you come across a cool place to sit and eat some food. Head onto the dirt path in front of you (look NW) and go straight on the path. Continue straight when the trail gives you 3 options (head west). As you get out of the area that has been chopped down, you’ll see a paved path ahead of you. Make a right onto that trail and go straight for a little while. As the trail starts to slope downhill slightly, you will see a large bolder on your right and some water on your left. Keep walking straight until the first spot where the water meets the land. From there, go 18 paces and look right at the clearing in the woods. Right at the outermost edge of the clearing, stand directly in between the 2 trees that are on the perimeter of the clearing. Head 75 degrees into the woods ~27 paces to the big stump with its freshly lost body lying behind but still attached to it. Look left for the next tree of 3.

On the road again and head in the direction you were heading in. Keep going straight when you’re given the option to go right. But veer left onto the more dirtish trail at the fork after that. You should have water on both sides of you. Follow the trail as it veers around to the right. At the bend to the right in the trail, walk to the Tulip Poplar tree and look left at 255 degrees and head in that direction half way up the hill to the next tree of 3. This is where the difficulty is a little bit harder because it’s a steep hill and the rocks are slippery. BE VERY CAREFUL COMING DOWN and make sure you read the waiver. You think you might be done, having found the third tree of three. But if you’re ready for some more, keep going for the bonus letterbox!

Go back on the trail in the same direction you were heading before going up the hill, and keep walking until you see your first small dirt path head down and to the right. Follow this over the small, narrow land bridge across the reservoir until you once again return to the paved path. Follow the path straight so the water is on your left, and walk downhill until you see a cluster of Eastern Hemlocks and Douglas Fur trees on your left. Make a left at them on the trail. Continue on the path until you see a wooden stair case heading down. Walk down the stairs to admire the water and then walk back up the hill on the other side so you’re right back on the trail again which is now made of dirt. Follow the grass hill on your left as it gradually gets smaller and smaller and the water appears. Follow the water and cross over the cement dam. Make a right at the blue drum back onto the paved path. Make a left when the road gives you two options, and you’ll eventually see wires and posts on both sides of the road (like you see on some highways). Walk up this hill until you hit the apex (there is a big tree stump on the right at the apex). Walk ~33 paces from the stump down the other side of hill and walk left into the woods to the huge uprooted tree. Stand right next to the left side of the roots of the uprooted tree and walk 45 paces north to the bonus tree of 3. But your adventure doesn’t end there! Head 20 degrees towards the cliff (you may have to veer around to avoid the trees, but keep heading at 20 degrees). Before you fall off the cliff, look at the thick red tree. Right next to them are 2 seven-foot tall rotted trees that are protecting the treasure. Look behind them for your bonus.

Head back out of the woods to the paved path and head back in the direction you headed in. But instead of going back to the blue drum, you can continue this paved path all the way back staying left when the trail gives you options to go right. Hope you enjoyed our first ever planted letterboxes!