Hail to the Chief......s!  LbNA # 36863 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerABS Family    
Placed DateNov 17 2007
LocationMoberly, MO
Found By Jesemiaud
Last Found Aug 30 2008
Hike Distance?

Only a true fan would plant a box when the team has a losing record. But I am a big fan!!! So I planted this box. You too can call yourself a fan if you know names like Okoye or Word. Kreig or DeBerg. Maybe Marcus or Joe are two you would know. Fan or not, you can find this tribute in Rothwell Park in Moberly,MO. 63 to 24 west to Holman Rd. Left on Holman Rd. to park on right. Take the second entrance next to Omar. Stay right. Drive around the municipal pool. Park when you are 3/4 of the way around at the center trail. Take a walk down the center path to the overlook. Take 300 degree heading for a football field. Rest on the bench. YES, that bench!! After sitting on the bench, take the upper trail to the right for 10 paces. For bearing, you should be between two small trees. Continue for 13 more paces. Turn to 310 degrees. Bearing should have three trees equally spaced and you should be facing the middle tree, the shelter should be behind the trees. 300 degrees for 13-14 paces to tree on left side. 250 degrees for 10-11 paces to tree on left side. From south of tree 190 degrees for 14 paces to tree. The Chief awaits at the base of the tree two paces away heading 140 degrees. Red and Yellow would work best!