We're Nuts!  LbNA # 36881

Placed DateNov 23 2007
LocationPewaukee, WI
Planted ByThe 5 Monkeys    
Found By Rosebud5
Last Found Jul 28 2016
Hike Distance?

Go to Simmons Wood Park in Pewaukee. From Capitol Drive turn north onto Cecilia Road, just east of Route 16. The park is on the right.

The first frost is near, and being a squirrel, I needed to find as many nuts as possible. I leapt from my small oak tree which is just down the path from the pavilion at the fork in road. I scurried down the trail towards 300°. I continued on to the next fork. While I was turning left, an acorn fell off of the oak tree nearest to the fork, and hit my head. The acorn and I tumbled on down hill until we hit a rock at the bottom of the hill. As I picked up the acorn, I thought about burying it. I walked over to the circle of rocks and began to dig. Once I got deep enough to bury the nut, I found another nut. This place would obviously not work because another squirrel would be looking here for nuts. I looked over around 40° and saw a tall dying oak tree. Behind the tree there is a branch that has fallen off the large oak tree. I buried the two nuts under this log hidden by a few small sticks. Now, off to find more nuts!