Deer Creek  LbNA # 3692

Placed DateMay 3 2003
LocationLittleton, CO
Found By JeLyBean
Last Found Nov 19 2004
Hike Distance?

Pulled for Repair and permit as of 9/04 Sorry!!

From I-70, travel east on C-470 to Wadsworth. Exit southbound to South Deer Creek Canyon Road. Turn west and continue to Grizzly Drive where you'll venture south approximately 1/4 mile to the parking lot. As you walk from the parking lot onto the path, notice the giant NSEW directional compass on the ground to the left. (An interesting side note... this is the marker for the center of population of Colorado. The actual site is Samson Mnt a few miles away on private land and this was the closest public land that they could put it... interesting no?) Ok It you stand on the center facing the bathroom and look left you'll see a sign for Plymouth Creek Trail, it is 21 of my paces from the NSEW marker to the sign in a straight line, just to give you a calibration of my paces! Ok.. head out on the aforementioned Plymouth Creek trail, enjoying the yucca and wildflowers. The trail leads through the lovely scrub oak and going slightly downhill. After a bit, there will be a brown post on your left at what seems like a T intersection indicating that the trail really continues on towards the right. (The old road to the left is how I used to come up this way when I was a little girl growing up in the area) So you're following the trail to the right. Enjoy Plymouth Creek on the left (My brothers and I spent many days playing in the creek all along here!)Of course this is a seasonal creek and it may just be a dry creek bed when you visit...
You will reach a hairpin/ switchback turn, if you start going uphill you've gone too far. There is a culvert here (My neices and I play Pooh Sticks here!) On the right side of the path are two triangluar rocks in the ground as you stand to the left of them a path will present itself in front of you! Your compass should be roughly 200 Deg Go 44 paces along the path, yes 4 or 5 paces along the right side of the creek to begin. You are in in a little clearing where the path SEEMS to stop There are a cluster of little rocks amongst the grass that make an upsidedown L, the creek on your left and a black rubber erosion control tarp will be back and to the left in the creek, ugly! Compass to 200Deg and go 14 paces on the deer path. A red rock the size of two footballs or so is at your feet.. Set compass to 210 Deg... and go 15 paces through the scrub oak on the barely there deer path. You should emerge into the center of an itty bitty clearing. Cactus on the right at your feet and the creek a handful of paces in front of you. You may feel like you are in the middle of the wild!! Set your compass at 50 deg and take 4 paces The letterbox is hidden in the heart of the stone mound!!