Bizz Johnson Trail Series  LbNA # 36937 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 23 2007
LocationSusanville, CA
Planted ByStanleyfamily    
Found By Sue and John
Last Found Aug 18 2010
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Bizz Johnson Trail Series

Historic Depot, Bizz Johnson Trail, Susanville, Calif

Be sure to check the community events calendar before letterboxing in the fall. and
Some events that take place in September and October on the trail that will make letterboxing impossible. This trail is very popular in the summer, especially in the afternoon and early evenings. If you are coming from out of the area during the winter, be aware of winter storms. If you are not from the area, be sure to have a printed map. This is a 2 mile roundtrip walk. No water is available along the trail, but restrooms are.

Bring your own ink pad.

Start at the historic depot (also Chamber of Commerce office) at 601 Richmond Road,
Susanville, Calif. If you are there during business hours, stop in and check it out. The depot has some fun events during the year, hand outs, and bicycle rentals for the trail.

Box #1 Brake Sign - Missing as of 5/28/2010

As your walking past the caboose, you will see 382 on the right hand side. Keep walking past the brake to the bridge. Stop at the end of the bridge. Take 128 steps. Once you have passed through the gates, you are almost there. Brake at the pile of rocks on your left.

Box #2 View from the Bridge - Still there as of 5/14/2010

Take a rest on the giant rocks past box #1. Take in the view of the river, then onto the next clue.

Pass over the bridge, take a few minutes to check out this area. Itís popular for fishing and tubing. To the left is the picnic & parking area. This is a great place to stop for a picnic. Keep going. Up to the right is a pit stop, go to the entrance doors. Face the bathrooms and look to the right. There you will see a matted path, take that path down the steps. At the turn in the steps, peek between the two large rocks. Please be sure to hide it well, this is a heavily traveled area in the summer months.

Box #3 Buzzzzz of the Hornetís. - MISSING AS OF 5/14/2010

Keep walking on the bike trail. Above to your right is the highway. This a great spot to see the vehicles traveling on Highway 36. In the trees above are many paper hornet nests. Itís a very active area in the spring and early summer, be aware. The nests are very visible in the fall, winter, and early spring. Enjoy the scenery. Keep your eyes open for two toddler size poles. The first pole you come across will contain what your looking for. Please replant well.

Box #4 Stepping Down - MISSING AS OF 5/14/2010

Pass the wild roses and rock covered hills. Orange Lichen grows along this stretch of woods. Walk over the bridge and find the steps leading to the river. At the end of the steps and before you get to the river, look for a small wooden pole. At the left of the pole base is the box. Check under the rocks and leaves. Again, please replant well, this is a heavily used area in the summer months.