Johnny Appleseed Park  LbNA # 36959

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateDec 8 2007
LocationAthens, OH
Found By amberb_23
Last Found Jun 7 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedApr 14 2016

Johnny Appleseed Park--

Difficulty: Super easy
Terrain: Drive up and park with no walk.
Time: Less than 5 minutes after you park.
Distance: Less than 25 feet from car to quest and back again. Try walking from downtown to stretch your legs and add another ten minutes or so.

Bring a stamp pad, your stamper, and a log book, if you want to record your arrivial. (There is a bench at this letterbox, but be discrete as it is a very public location.)

Start in beautiful downtown Athens, Ohio at the County Courthouse.

Quest Questions:
If Johnny Appleseed was based upon a real person, proceed two blocks North. If he was a fictional character, proceed two blocks South.

If Johnny Appleseed works only with apple seeds, turn left for two blocks. If he also sewed other fruits, like bananas & mangoes & avacados, turn right for two blocks.

You will reach a small grassy triangle of park land, not much more than a traffic island. This small triangle is known as Johnny Appleseed Park. There is a plaque identifying it as such.

CHANGE: Due to feedback from LBers that the box is too visible, and not well hidden after being found, we have made a change to the location within this park.

From behind this rock/plaque, face north and take 15 steps toward the large evergreen BUSH. This is some form of cedar bush with multiple twisted stalks or stems. Look for the letterbox 3 feet off the ground, suspended in the CENTER of the bush. You are looking for a hanging pouch, wrapped in CAMO TAPE.
In the event that there is nothing here, or if you do not find the item, please alert me. Otherwise use it, and replace it high WITHIN THE BUSH, protecting it from view.

There is a park bench adjacent to this large, trimmed cedar bush. Use it to do your stamping.

Please send me word if the box is not well hidden, and leave it better hidden than you found it.

PS: This was our first ever Letterbox that got us started! Unfortunately, the original stamp is long gone.