Adena Bikepath Bridge  LbNA # 36961

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateDec 8 2007
LocationAthens, OH
Found By GC Tandem
Last Found Aug 22 2009
Hike Distance?

Adena Bikepath Letterbox--

Difficulty: Mostly Easy
Terrain: Drive up, then a short walk on flat ground.
Time: Less than 15 minutes after you park.
Distance: Less than 300 yards from car to quest and back again.
Take along your stamppad, stamp and walking shoes.
(Although cardinal directions are mentioned below, you really won't need a compass.)

There are many starting points along the 14 miles from Nelsonville to Athens along the bikepath, but as your goal is near the 5 mile marker, follow these directions:
Start in beautiful Athens, Ohio at the county courthouse.
Travel north on Court Street to the end in front of the Natl Guard Armory. Turn left (west) onto Carpenter Street.

Travel up the hill and curve right, climbing to the North.
At the intersection of Second Street (marked with a traffic light), turn left, west.
Proceed west on Second St., up slightly to the crest of the hill, and straight through the stop sign.

Continue West, decending down the steep hill to the stop sign at the base of the hill. Here, you will find Franks Bait Shop on the right (a local landmark that sells alcoholic beverages and carry out beer). I'm told this was the terminus of the old trolly line that ran between Athens and Nelsonville in past years. This could be your starting point for a foot hike.

Walk or drive further west one block to Currier St, and turn right, north. Walk down the steep small hill to the small parking area on the left. There are four parking stalls here, and if you're still driving, PARK HERE. (lock your car!)

Proceed on foot north onto the paved bike path. About 200 yards north, you will be joined by the paved bike path from the left and behind you. But you continue straight north. You are almost to the letterbox.

There are many bright green directional signs here, indicating the way to the "river bikepath", "Bus. Dist.", "Athens", "Nelsonville", and "The Plains". "The Plains" is the next small community to the north and that is the direction you want to continue toward.

Continue walking north to the footbridge across the Hocking River. Pause a while to enjoy the view. (The 5 mile marker stake for the bikepath is just beyond this tressle bridge.)

To find the letterbox, backtrack slightly about 30 yards to the last of those bright green directional signs. This one is unique, as it is the only one to list both "Nelsonville" and "The Plains". With your back to this sign post, look West to a large multiple stem tree across the paved bikepath. It has more than five large stems all springing from the same base. The letterbox will be setting among the loose wooden branches and leaves at the base of this multiple stem tree. You should NOT have to decend off the berm of the bikepath to find it.

If you're still not clear, take a bearing from a second nearby signpost that is the only one with both "The Plains" and "Bus. District". From this second signpost, the multiple stem tree is due north (if you have a compass). The two signposts and the multiple stem tree form an equalateral triangle.

The letterbox is wrapped in camoflauge tape. Make sure it is secure and in place for others to find and enjoy.
Please leave your stamp and a note for others. In the event this box is not in usable condition or cannot be found, please drop me a line. Please be sure to reseal the baggie and replace all items carefully into the letterbox.