Clyde Shepherd Series  LbNA # 36982

OwnerPaw Paw and Granny    
Placed DateNov 29 2007
LocationDecatur, GA
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Oct 9 2009
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Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve
Chirping Wren and Dragonfly

The Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve is certified by the Audubon Society, a beautiful place for an urban walk in the woods and has been called “Oasis in Suburbia”. You will see many very old, very big trees along the well-kept walk to the wetland boardwalks and observation platforms. It is truly a peaceful place in the middle of the hustle-bustle pace of suburbia.

Find the Kiosk at the entrance and familiarize yourself with the trail map. Head down Forest Trail toward Raccoon Rock and Indian Rock. (No, this is not a Dora adventure that ends at the Chocolate Tree.) You can see Raccoon Rock down the Beaver Pond Trail just a few steps on the right. At the top of the rock you will see a twin tree with ivy. At the base of the tree …

Do not go any further on the Beaver Pond Trail. Return to the trail you were on and walk up hill. Continue past a small tree in the path until you see Indian Rock on the left. After climbing the rock, come back down and circle around to the base. The path is just a few steps down the boardwalk to the left. The box is under a couple of rocks on the right side of the base behind a small multi-trunk tree with good sized vines on it.

Continue to the end of the path. The wetland observation tower complete with a comfortable lifeguard chair is to the left. Explore and Enjoy!

For directions to the location, Google Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve.

Happy Trails
Granny and Paw Paw