Literary Legacy: White Fang  LbNA # 36990

OwnerReynold and Helena    
Placed DateNov 29 2007
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By TeamDoll
Last Found Feb 23 2014
Hike Distance?

Although we placed this box it was designed by Blackvelvetrav in Boise, Idaho. We helped out one of her boxes in Indianapolis and she thanked us by sending us "White Fang" to place in Ohio.
Literay Legacy: White Fang Letterbox

Union Cemetery: SW corner of W. North Broadway and Olentangy River Rd.
Cemetery Hours: 8am-6pm

This box was made by Blackvelvetrav in Idaho--we received it on the day we placed our “Classics” series--so, we’ll keep up the literary theme. Clues are marked **** and are headstones for you to locate.

Enter drive on West side of Olentangy--just south of North Broadway.
Turn left immediately beside the office--go between sections 1 and 4.
Bear right on Lincoln Dr. (toward section 3). Just past the sign for section 18--park by the name of the African-American, Renaissance poet, Langston ****.

At 220° find “Arms and the Man” author, George Bernard ****.

Now, generally head East on your literary journey. The author of “The Crucible”, Arthur**** is not too far away.

Next is the author of the Stuart Little stories, E. B. ****.

Hemingway’s Classic: For Whom the ****Tolls is your next stop.

With just weeks before Christmas, so we had to mention Scrooge. Find the first name of Scrooge’s clerk, ****Cratchet.

Now, bear left around the bushes and look for the first name of the author who inspired this stamp.

From there, go easterly to two of the most known literary characters; Arthur Conan Doyle’s, **** and ****.

Standing between these two stones head 75° to the last word in the title of Stuart Little’s author’s most famous book about a very amazing spider, Charlotte’s ****.

A nearby tree hides “White Fang”.

Keep us ( or Blackvelvetrav informed of your search. Rehide carefully--place slate “cover” to conceal the box.