Thank you for being our #1  LbNA # 37002 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 3 2007
LocationLubbock, TX
Found By The Rodgers 7
Last Found Oct 27 2009
Hike Distance?

This box is in celebration of a wonderful man....he is our #1. Happy Birthday "J"!!!!

He had a big learning curve since he became an “instant Dad” a year and a half ago to 3 boys without having the 12 years of training experience that I had....but you would never know he struggled to watch him with the kids.

This box is placed as a tribute to him on his birthday in this location because it is central to all the changes and adjustments he has made for our family. On a daily basis he delivers kids to school, to soccer practice, to football practice, makes sure he is there to cheer for band concerts and spelling competitions. He offers advice and keeps things fun in our home. He does all of this with a smile and a cheer and without him our lives would not be so full of everything that is good.
J spends a lot of time cheering during football practice at this Lubbock elementary school. You will recognize the name if you think of a favorite snack for a friendly bear.

Behind the school is a big playing field (South side). Look to the south of the field and you will see a nice park with a playground and a lake in the middle. Go to the North end of this park where it is closest to the school.

You will notice the nice jogging track that circles the park and at the NW (north-west) corner of the track there is a large sign with the name of the park surrounded by evergreen bushes. Go to this sign.

While looking at this sign, the box is hidden in the bushes at the corner of the sign pointing SE (south-east).

We are glad you are adding this tribute to "J" stamp to your collection. I DO know that it stamps backward but I decided not to redo the stamp after I realized my mistake because it is typical of our crazy lives!

Give a hug to those you appreciate :)