The Artist & Elephant Box  LbNA # 37012

Ownerlifted lorax    
Placed DateNov 30 2007
LocationReston, VA
Found By The Stamp Seekers
Last Found Apr 15 2009
Hike Distance?

The Artist & Elephant Box

This box is located in a warm and cozy location, the perfect spot for a winter's search. It's in the historic section near a lake named a shop filled floor to ceiling with pre-loved tomes. Run your fingers over the cracked spines and turn leaves of cold-pressed cotton fibers. The light shines softly on the Sus Domestica, below which (approx. three shelves) you will find a thick, unmarked spine of rusty hue. This is the volume you seek! Take it to the sofa and enjoy your visit. Remember to replace where found and give your regards to Bud & Susan whom gave me permission to plant this box.


A "traveler" awaits the first finder! If you happen to find the traveler, post photo and clue here!

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*This letterbox is a tribute to one of my favorite animals and one of my favorite mediums (book arts).