Finding Sparrow  LbNA # 37022 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 29 2007
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By Spoiled Rotten
Last Found Sep 24 2011
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Finding Sparrow

Rush Run Park and Walnut Grove Cemetery are located approximately 1.5 miles north of the intersections of Morse Road and North High Street. Both are located west of North High Street and north of Broadmeadows Boulevard. The land is owned by the City of Columbus but is located within the City of Worthington.

The 38 acres of land for Rush Run Park was set aside as a public parkland by the 1966 Referendum Approving the Olentangy Parkway. It is basically undeveloped land. Walnut Creek Cemetery, a very old cemetery with some interesting early graves, has wanted to expand into the park but has been rejected so far.

Finding Sparrow is a letterbox located on the boundary between Walnut Grove Cemetery and the Rush Run Park.

From High Street (just south of Worthington) turn west on West Lincoln Ave. This intersection’s signpost also has a brown Walnut Grove Cemetery sign located just below the street name. Follow Lincoln westwards until it intersects with Milton Avenue, at the entrance to the cemetery.

Continue straight into the cemetery; this cemetery road is called Sycamore. Follow Sycamore, past Dogwood, Buckeye, and Cottonwood Roads--the road will be angling right toward the north. Cross the bridge over the stream and park on the dead-end Birch Road. You know you’re in the right place if you are alongside the Jones and Henderson tombstones.

Looking west, you will see a fence with a walk-through gate. This is the entrance to the undeveloped Rush Run Park.

Exit the cemetery through the gate and immediately find the very large tree 8 steps to your right. From the back side of the tree, continue 8 steps northwards to the fence. Along the fence will be many scrub honeysuckle trees. Finding Sparrow will be located next to one of these trees, hanging from the fence at head height.

Please be sure to access this letterbox from the Rush Run side of the fence, so that you cannot be seen by the cemetery's neighbors.

You can continue to explore the series of undeveloped trails along the stream and down to the Olentangy River.