Silly Snake Jokes; Box I  LbNA # 37047

Placed DateAug 1 2007
LocationPalisade, CO
Found By Polaski & Tink
Last Found Dec 7 2008
Hike Distance?

This box was planted on the 2007 'Chaos and Mayhem' LB tour OneMeanGreenBean and I did of Colorado. We meet FABULOUS folks and PHENOMINAL Letterboxes. This box is just a small symbol of our appreciation.

Find where the river bends in the fabulous town of Palisade. Hop on the paved trail which runs east and west and follows the river to its south.
Take it east.

Pass a green shelter and picnic table on the left, then quickly a green post on the right, then pick up a fence on the left. Follow the trail in search of a green bench. Take a sit, but not to long as the sun here will give more than a sunburn. Continue past bench and stand on right side of green gate, just to the right of the paved trail. From gate post go 120* 33 steps to large tree. Circle 'round it to your left 1 1/2 steps and find 3 smooth stones hiding
the silliest of snake jokes.

Please fully rehide the box after your find. Remember, only you can prevent 'Improper Re-Hideation'.

Please contact me after your find.