Shorline at Mountain View  LbNA # 37077 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 4 2007
CountySanta Clara
LocationMountain View, CA
Planted ByAmanecer    
Found By deniserows
Last Found Nov 15 2011
Hike Distance?

Here is a brief history of the journey you about to travel on by either foot or bicycle. Enjoy what you read and I hope that you enjoy what you see. Everyday is different out there. So pack a bar, water bottle, sunscreen and enjoy.
>Shoreline At Mountain View is a place where visitors and wildlife alike find open space close to the urban centers of the Bay Area. Visitors to Shoreline enjoy its many attractions and come away rejuvenated by wildflower meadows, mountain vistas, and refreshing breezes off the San Francisco Bay.
At Shoreline, you can play golf on the championship golf links; jog, hike or bicycle on seven miles of trails located along the sloughs and estuaries of San Francisco Bay; windsurf and sail on the 50-acre saltwater lake; fly a kite; and observe the marsh and upland habitats which provide refuge to more than 154 different species of birds.
The Rengstorff House, and historic family home built two years after the Civil War, has been carefully restored by the City of Mountain View with the support from the Mountain View Community. This beautiful Victorian house with its gardens and terraces overlooks the golf links and sailing lake of Shoreline At Mountain View.
Now off on your trek: Please also enjoy all the postings of information about different areas in the park, too. Just remember that there will be a lot people jogging, rollerblading, bicycling and walking out there with you. So “STOP” and beware before you reach in on any of these boxes. Thank you.
Enter Shoreline at Mountain View. Look for the first parking lot where you will see our flying string friends. Park your car and toward the hills.
#1) Follow the E’s in an upward number sequence. When the gravel road turns into asphalt follow it down till you reach 2100 Crittenden Lane. Take a left at the four yellow strips poles. At the top of this hill follow signs for Steven Creek Trail. Head towards the metal bridge once there cross over it. Next head towards the back yard of Moffett Field and take the lower road. Follow this until you reach the first electric tower with really large cylinder blocks. Your prize is just behind the first one on your left.
#2) Head back over the metal bridge while looking for the wooden one. Take this then once at the end take a right and follow the yellow stripes. Enjoy reading about "limits and Controls" then rest on 017 if you need but know that your prize is real close. Continue on the trail heading in the direction of the power lines with a pier in betweent them. Once you arrive at the power line with a pier look down to the right and you prize is just under the big green bush.
Proceed back up to main trail and make you way up the slight incline.
#3) Once on the trail continue to head the same direction you were going. If you have time or need another rest take it with Kathleen’s friends. Once you have rested continue on till you reach a large sign that tells you all about the “wetlands”. On your right there is No Outlet, follow this path. When you have reached the wooden fence find your boundary, then look it up and down and follow the round pole on the ground. Your prize is at the end of this pole.
#4) Head back up the path you just came down then continue on the trail in the same direction you were heading. Once you have reached the main road turn right on the trail. Follow the trail while looking for a clear sign to the Rengstorff House. You will start to see it through the trees., but please stay on the trail and continue to walk towards and over Town & Country. Enjoy the views from the left and right. Go forward and cross the road twice to follow trail. Take your first left and walk past the Rengstorff House. Stop and read the “Spirit of the Times”. You are getting closer. Continue on the Continental Way once you have gone continue on straight. Locate the white pole on your right just off the path. Take 14 steps past it, turn right and you be in front of a four branched tree. Step in just behind it on the right and look for the branch that hangs horizontally. Your prize is with this branch.
#5) Head back toward the Continental Way but take a left just before it. Take a right once you are in the parking lot. Head for Practice and continue to the fire. You should be between the driving range and the practice putting green. Continue to walk till you have to stop. Take a left and go up the hill behind the Amphitheatre, at the first fork take a right follow it up and then bear left. You are on the correct path if you have reached the “Vista Point”, closed during events. Continue on the path heading downward. Once you have a clear view of Amphitheatre, its parking lot and Moffett Field there should be some trees just in front of you. Find the third one and you have found your final box at the base just behind it.
To get back to your car continue on the path to the main road. Walk around the whole Amphitheatre parking lot then take a left back onto Shoreline Rd. Walk back into park and looking for you flying friends and you will find you car. Hope you enjoyed your adventure.