Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association  LbNA # 37085

Placed DateDec 6 2007
LocationPennington, NJ
Planted Bychickadee wanderer    
Found By Grunriese
Last Found Feb 7 2015
Hike Distance?

Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association: Letterbox Series (made by Jennifer Bilger)

White Oak Box:
1. Walk out the nature center door to your starting point-a Dawn Redwood
2. Go past the Butterfly house and go straight to our trailhead
3. On a boardwalk through a hedge into a meadow w/ bird homes
4. Around the edge of the field you will go, birds will sing and you will know
5. To turn right into the woods on a walkway of boards
6. Passing by itchy P.I. and tree windthrow, over a place where the water sleeps or flows
7. Opening into a log circle of trail choices, which way to go?
8. On the Stony Brook trail your feet will follow, to the tree with the home for the Bluebird or Tree Swallow.
9. At the tree with the trail marker, take 25 paces to the right and look on the back of a White Oak!

Pin Oak Box:
1. Starting at the White Oak Box continue on the Stony Brook trail
2. And you will venture through deciduous forest
3. Past trees with bark that is shaggy
4. Over a streambed on boardwalks, don’t start lagging
5. You will see old land that used to bear harvests
6. And then out of nowhere an evergreen scene
7. The trail will narrow to a “gate” of cedar trees
8. Pass through the “gate” then turn right, reflect on your journey, have a short snack
9. And remember to look in a little bird shack.
10. 6 paces to the right from the 3-fingered tree, find the Pin oak, look on the back and you’ll see!

Beech Box:
1. From the Pin Oak box continue forward on the Stony Brook trail
2. Slow is the way, as habitat changes, like night into day
3. Roots cross the trail, don’t trip or you’ll wail
4. As the trail winds on, look for a sign
5. Take 14 paces out to the Hobbit Tree and to it be good
6. From its roots take 6 more paces toward the woods
7. A vessel is attached on the back of the smaller twin Hobbit tree
8. It’s sure been fun playing our kind of hide and seek!

****Letterboxes are hidden inside Bird Houses within 15 paces or 30 feet of the trails****

****Italicized phrases or words are directional tips to pay extra attention to OR terms to research using informational books in our nature shop or by asking a naturalist for hints before searching for the letterbox****