Chisholm Trail  LbNA # 37128

Placed DateNov 11 2007
LocationBelton, TX
Found By Walksfar
Last Found Jan 25 2014
Hike Distance?

checked 13 Nov 2013

These boxes are located at Confederate Park. From IH 35 take the Central Ave. exit. Continue south on the Frontage road for approximately a half a block. Turn right into park. Turn left into the park and ride lot. To the left of the parking lot is a walking trail. This is a popular walking spot, playground, and pecan picking place. Enjoy!

Head down the trail and watch for the information boards:

#1 Continuing to walk down the trail stop at the “Trail Drive ”. After enjoying the trivia look to about 11 oclock and see a leaning tree, look high to see it leaning, about 2 feet right of the cement sewer circles if you were to draw a line, at the base of the tree covered by 2 flat rocks. underbrush is in front so will have to lean in is the letterbox.

#2. At the Round ‘em Up board you’ll find no cattle but under the bridge you’ll see the popular animal for this area in this century. For the letterbox look to the left on the hill and see a big hunk of rock with a tree growing around it. Update: the tree is more like a 20 foot stump now. Under the root flare on the backside move the leaves and sticks and there will be the treasure you seek. Please be sure to cover this, while checking these boxes this one was uncovered and even had a note saying they thought it was a "drug" box but thought it was a great idea after they figured out what it was.

Now you can head on back. About a mile round trip?