Old. St. Jo's  LbNA # 37164

Placed DateDec 13 2007
LocationVancouver, WA
Found By dustbunnies
Last Found May 10 2008
Hike Distance?

NOTICE: This letterbox is currently down for maintenance.

Head out to SWMC, park in Lot F, off of 92nd Ave. Go to the NE corner of the lot, and start at square one.

Count 44 squares. On square 22, crouch down and extend your arm towards the house across the street. You should be able to read the house number. Stand up and continue. : - )
On squares 4 and 35, be sure to look both ways before crossing!

After counting 44 squares, you should find yourself in a small forest. Look in the "woods" for your next clue.


+Be sure to bring a pencil or something long and thin, as one of the clues might need a little help to squeeze out.

+Once you find clue #2, and are looking for #3, remember to look all around, up and down, under rocks, etc. (We forgot to note that in the clue . . .)

+Watch out for savage squirrels and hospital security!

+Please put all the clues back just as you found them.