Hexology  LbNA # 37172

OwnerThe Pink Ladies    
Placed DateDec 16 2007
LocationTucson, AZ
Found By Pumpkin Finder
Last Found Nov 27 2014
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During the 18th and 19th centuries, Berks and Lehigh counties in Pennsylvania became home to immigrants from Switzerland and Germany. These people, collectively known as the "Pennsylvania Dutch", developed a rich folk art tradition of colorful quilts, needlework, decorative arts and paint decorated furniture unique to Dutch Country. Barns in this area were decorated with the unique folk art designs, referred to as hex signs, or barn art.

Although the tradition of painting hex signs did not begin until the mid-nineteenth century, the geometric patterns and symbolism of barn decorations traces its root to the artistry and symbolism of Medieval Europe.

The decoration of barns is a very late development in the Pennsylvania German folk art. Prior to the 1830's, the cost of paint meant that most barns were left unpainted. As paint became affordable, the Pennsylvania Germans began to decorate their barns much like they decorated items in their homes. Barn decorating reached its peak in the early twentieth century, at which time there were many artists who specialized in barn decorating. Drawn from a large repertoire of folk designs, barn painters combined many elements in their decorations. The geometric patterns of quilts can easily be seen in the patterns of many hex signs. Hearts and tulips seen on barns are commonly found on elaborately lettered and decorated birth, baptism and marriage certificates.

The “Daddy of all Hexes” is represented by a rosette. This is one of the basic good luck symbols of hexology. The larger outer rosette is made of 12 petals; one good luck petal for each month of the year. An inner rosette provides an added measure of good luck during difficult times of the year. The Daddy Hex offers year round good luck.

Directions to Double Rosette:
The Double Rosette is the beginning of any Hex sign. The beginning for most native Tucsonans is one hospital where a happy life can begin for mom, dad and baby. Find the Double Rosette to add happiness to your life. To find this hex you will need to locate The Most Caring hospital in town. This hospital is also known for delivering the most babies in Tucson. Once you have found the hospital go the the parking garage on the Northeast part of the complex. There you will find a pink bridge. Under the Northeast side of the bridge you will find the Double Rosette behind the pink rock.

Directions to Love & Romance: *** This one has gone missing**
In Midtown Tucson there is a lovely park where you and your sweety can stroll through the park and see hundreds of beautiful test roses. Find a bench to the East of the Roses that is dedicated to the memory of Joseph P. Kasik. Take 25 paces North of the bench to the olive tree. Look on the south side of the tree facing the rose garden. When you locate the box you have located your Love & Romance Hex sign.

Directions to Success:
Money, homes and cars are all symbols of success. So let’s find your Success Hex. For as long as I have known there is just one street to cruise on a Saturday night in Tucson – it’s the slowest speedway in town. Go to the South East corner of the Lexus dealership – look for Catalina. From Catalina, walk North to the second telephone poll and look for the large barrel cactus. Then take 5 more paces north to the big white bolder. Look on the west side of the bolder for Success.

Directions to your Lucky Stars:
Some people are just born lucky, others can use the Lucky Stars Hex to improve their chances. Head out to the Casino del Sol. From the main entrance off of Valencia follow the road into the complex until it forks. Then follow the fork to the left. Continue on the road as it passes the Casino on the right and the Ava Amphitheatre on the left. Keep going on the road as it bends to the East behind the amphitheatre where you will find Parking lot K. Continue traveling on the road to the far South East corner of the parking lot. Park your car and now be discrete. There are security cameras that keep an eye on the parking lots for security purposes. Look for the small drainage way in the nearby desert. Just North of the drainage way, about 1- paces in you will see a mesquite tree. Look for the usual pile of rocks hiding the Lucky Stars letterbox. And now, if you are feeling lucky head on into the Casino.

Good Luck!

Let us know if you have trouble finding any of the boxes or if they are in need of repair: lbnapinkladies@aol.com