Cats: Two  LbNA # 37190

Placed DateDec 22 2007
LocationMemphis, TN
Found ByAngel Winks
Last UpdateJul 7 2011


***Update: Pirate Cat is missing, but Cat and Mouse is still in place***

#1. Cat and Mouse

From Poplar Avenue, turn into O Park on Veterans Plaza Drive. Take your first right and park. Go past the metal barriers that block cars from accessing the paved street through the Park. Walk along the paved steet that goes through the park, past the golf crossing. Turn right when the street splits. Just after the paved street makes a hairpin turn to the left, there is a big tree on the right (it's just past the end of the curb). As you face the tree, there is an odd gnarly branch on the right. In the roots of the big tree, close to where the gnarly branch comes out of the big tree is where the letterbox is tucked.

#2. Pirate Cat

Continue on the street that you were on. Shortly, the street that turned to the left (on the previous part of this clue) joins the street you are on. Continue until the street splits again. Go to the left. (The right street leads to some sort of green storage building you can see.) Continue past the picnic bench and playground area. At the big picnic pavillion the street splits again. Go to the right (or the middle street if you count the street to the pavillion). Walk until you see a massive 10 foot high stump of a massive fallen tree about 20 steps off the street to the right. The box isn't in that stump. The box is in a short, 1 foot tall stump, just off the street, in front of that 10 foot high stump. If you can see the traffic and cars when you look further up the street, you are in the right place.

To get back to your car, either continue straight around the loop taking lefts until you get back to the playground area, or just backtrack back.