Ten Years and Counting  LbNA # 37203

Placed DateDec 21 2007
LocationCastaway Cay, BHM
Planted ByTeam Ginkgo    
Found By Team Ginkgo
Last Found Dec 12 2008
Hike Distance?

Our final Disney Magic adventure stop. Please do what you can to help this box last. The stamp was my ten year anniversary gift to my husband and we hid it on the island because the cruise was our anniversary gift to each other. The images on the stamp are all memories of our ten years of marriage. You have to piece the stamp together since it was too big for our box.

12-12-08 Update--Thanks for the heads up that the box was wet. Were able to replace the log book and list finders from first (very wet) log book. PLEASE reseal all bags well--it seems an unsealed bag led to the soggyness...

When you arrive at the island rent a bike
If you don't it is too long of a hike.

Make your way to the observation point
Where the view will not disappoint.

When you are done continue to ride
To find the place where the box does hide.

Find the means of propelling a boat
They aren't in a group but alone and remote.

Once you have found the orange propulsion
Getting off your bike should be your next compulsion.

Fourteen paces further down the way
You will find a rock array.

Stay out of the trees as the signs warn
Or a skin rash you will likely mourn.

Move aside the rocks at the center of the pile
Make sure no one is coming for a while.

When you have found your treasure
Inside you will find a bit of pleasure

You can take one piece of booty per group member
So this box you can remember.

Don't take more than your fair share
For those behind you it would be unfair.

If you are discovered while exploring the box
pretend to take pictures so to outfox.

Please reseal REALLY well
and rehide so no one can tell

Be sure to cover it and hide it completely
Everything you do should be done discretely

When you are done be sure to be stealthy
So this box can remain a long time and healthy

No box should suffer from improper re-hidation
Lost boxes are such a point of frustration

Do your part to help elongate its life
So future boxers be spared lost box strife

Please be sure to let me know
How it is your search did go

On LBNA use contact the placer
So as to leave a bit of a tracer