Disney Magic  LbNA # 37204

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateDec 22 2007
LocationDisney Magic--Port Canaveral, FL
Found By Groovy Gal
Last Found Dec 19 2010
Hike Distance?

There is a bit of expense involved in finding this box since you have to take a cruise on the Disney Magic.

Once on board you need to find the weld where the two halves of the ship were attached together when the ship was being built. If you need help there are boat tours that will point it out to you. Once you have found the weld count the number of portholes forward of that weld on the starboard side of deck 4 (the jogging track).

Once you have that number, make your way to that deck. Hanging on the wall at the landing of one of the staircases between this deck and the one below you will find Goofy sitting with his feet up on a whale. He is watching over this box for us. Look near your feet.

Please, Please, Please be stealthy. The crew is meticulous in taking care of the boat but we think we've found a great spot. We'd love the box to make it until we get to cruise again. We'd love for you to also leave us a note to let us know about your cruise.

12-12-08 update--although no one logged the find on LBNA, I did receive a few emails about finds. Sadly, though, the box did not make it through dry dock. We just replaced the box, however, so if all are stealthy it is back in action!