Boondock Boudreaux  LbNA # 37205

Placed DateDec 23 2007
CountyEast Baton Rouge
LocationBaton Rouge, LA
Planted ByBoondock Boudreaux    
Found By Team Tree Frog
Last Found Mar 22 2008
Hike Distance?

Clues to Boondock Boudreaux Letterbox
The Lake at White Oak Subdivision
Baton Rouge, LA

1. Take North Shore Drive
2. Turn right onto Green Heron Drive
3. Turn right onto Green Heron Court
4. Park
5. Take the sidewalk that has a sign saying “Private Property of The Lake at White Oak Homeowners Association”
6. Go past the Reward Sign.
7. Keep walking down the sidewalk (picket fence on right)
8. Go up the bridge
9. Take a left by the swing on the deck on the lake
10. Cross the bridge over the dam
11. Keep walking
12. Pass a deck on right
13. Walk up the sidewalk
14. Pass a trashcan
15. Keep going straight
16. Start looking for an odd placed marker kind of orangey on the left in the woods...
17. Look under the marker
18. Please stamp and replace carefully for the next visitor.
19. Let us know you got there!