Muncaster Mill trail  LbNA # 37206 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 23 2007
LocationRockville, MD
Planted Bysamshl    
Found By Wildfl0wer
Last Found Jan 25 2009
Hike Distance?

Drive to Meadowside Nature Center 5100 Meadowside Lane ( in Rock Creek Regional Park) Rockville, Maryland 20855-1812 (301) 924-4141.

Start walking at the wooden sign at the end of the parking lot close to the Nature Center. Walk on the Rocky Ridge Trail for 30 steps.

Turn left at the intersection towards the Muncaster Mill path. Walk downhill past trees with blue blazes across two small wooden bridges. You will see a straight path to your right and in front of you, a wooden staircase. Do not go down the stairs.

Turn right and walk alongside the stream on Muncaster Mill Trail. After a while, walk past a large flat boulder on the right. Then, you will walk through an area with lots of big boulders. After the boulders, there is a tree on the right with a white blaze. On the right are a group of flat stones and one triangular stone. About 15 paces uphill is a huge log lying on its side. The box is under the wooden log on the far side under some bark and wood.