Tassandra's Tiara  LbNA # 37230

Placed DateDec 25 2007
LocationGaithersburg (Darnestown), MD
Planted BySir Isaac    
Found By paper trail
Last Found Apr 14 2016
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was conceived by an eight year old as a Christmas present for his mother. He wrote this story to accompany the hunt:

Tassandra’s Tiara and the Three Princes

Once upon a time there was a princess named Tassandra. She was sad because someone had taken her Tiara with the magic jewels. She asked for help from three princes. The prince’s names were Sir Isaac, the oldest one, Sam the young one and Fin was the youngest one.

The 3 brave princes were hiking through the dark and creepy woods. Suddenly they heard 13 voices in the woods. All of them quickly hid behind some trees. Sir Isaac took his sword out and jumped out from behind the tree. 13 men jumped on him! The Fish Trolls from the river! All of the Fish Trolls jumped on him and one took his sword and threw it right next to the tree that Sam was hiding behind!! Sam picked up the sword. They didn’t want to save Sir Isaac because the Fish Trolls were as tall as the castle!! He told Fin they would rescue Sir Isaac later and to follow him very quietly through the woods.

They snuck past the Fish Trolls. Soon Sam saw a castle. They went into the castle! Sam saw a map of the inside of the castle. He took it down. After a minute or two Sam found a way to get to princess Tassandra!! He went all the way to the princess without seeing the sign of the dragon on the map!! But, he ran right into the dragon’s belly! Sam took the sword out and there was a tremendous battle between the two of them. Finally Sam stabbed the sword into the dragon’s heart!! All of a sudden the sword started to glow and then the dragon started to glow and he became friendly! Sam’s sword was magic! The dragon got up and invited the two of them to climb on his back for a ride, Sam thought about it and finally said, “yes”. With the dragon’s help Sam and Fin found the princess and they went back to rescue Sir Isaac. He had captured 3 of the Fish Trolls; he had worn the rest of them down so they got to the size of Sir Isaac. Sam stabbed the rest of them with the magic sword, making them all friends and Sir Isaac was finally free.

Sam looked on the back of the map and found a secret path leading to the tiara, but they had to go into the bad guy knight’s forest behind the castle. There was a tremendous battle. Sir Isaac sent Fin back to the good guys castle to get more knights, the friendly fish trolls and the dragon. Unfortunately, the bad guys had quadruple sized dragon of their own. All of the bad guys knights were capturing the good guys and the bad dragon was beating the prince’s dragon and braking down trees as they fought. Just then Sam remembered his magic sword and used it on the bad guy knight’s dragon. Once the good guys had two dragons on their side they were able to capture the all the bad guys. Then Sam stabbed the bad guys, the sword started to glow, and the bad guys started to glow and became friendly. The bad guys told the princes where they had hidden the tiara and magic jewels. They all lived happily ever after.
The End

To follow the path of our fateful princes:
Gaithersburg (Darnestown) MD
From the intersection of Darnestown Road (28) and Riffle Ford road proceed Northwest on Riffle Ford for 1.3 miles and park on the side of the road near the bridge over Seneca Creek.
Walk upstream on the path and through the gate. Beware as you pass the gate as the land of the Fish Trolls is off to the left near the river.
Follow the path that follows the river, always wary of the Fish Trolls, for about five minutes.
When you reach the sign: “Seneca Creek State Park; Wetlands Area” you are almost out of the Fish Troll’s land, but off to the right you’ll see the bad guy knight’s castle.
Proceed to the castle, ascend the steps and slay the dragon. If there are no dragons, at least you’ll see the bird sanctuary marsh from the top of the castle.

Descend the steps and enter the woods behind the castle fraught with bad guy knights by following the narrow path east.
You will pass some trees with a blue or yellow mark. After a minute or two, when you are at the top of a small knoll you’ll see a tree on the right with both yellow and blue marks.
Stop there as this is near where Fin and Sam found the princess.
Turn left to face uphill and walk 17 steps to the fallen trees.
Behind the first tree that looks like a fallen slingshot you’ll see a second fallen tree bending another tree. Behind the rocks and under the shield made of bark you’ll find the princess’s hiding spot!

Follow the clue in the notebook….

From there, proceed 190 steps south along a familiar path.
At 32 steps you’ll see a trail marker with yellow.
At 69 you’ll see yellow on a broken tree.
At 190 you’ll see a trail marker with both yellow and blue.

You are not there yet.

Continue towards the gate but stop and turn left when you see a yellow trail marker on the left. Follow that trail over the little haunted bridge.
After 100 steps you should see a V-shaped tree next to the trail with a tire tread hanging in it!
Look left.
You’ll see "The Leaning Stump Castle".
Walk 23 paces towards the leaning stump castle and there on the ground next to it is a hollow log. Inside this log is the secret hiding place of Tassandra’s Tiara.
Congratulations! You have saved the kingdom and protected the princess and her jewels!