Take a Hike - OR - Get Taken for a Ride.  LbNA # 37239

Placed DateDec 25 2007
CountyEl Paso
LocationEl Paso, TX
Found By foullump
Last Found Jul 29 2012
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Very Difficult OR Very Easy. You decide.
Distance: 3.4 Miles OR 100 yards.
Elevation: 1285 feet OR 100 feet.
Cost: Free OR $7 per adult.
Stamp: Custom-made.
Recommended colors: Black-Orange-Brown-Dark Green.
Condition: New – 25 December 2007.

NOTE: First letterboxer to find this box can claim the Letterboxing Texas and LBNA patches.

This Letterbox is a LETTERBOX-HYBRID, meaning it is co-located with a Geocache. It is available ONLY during regular business hours. If you wish to hunt this as a Geocache, use waypoint GC1847J.

There are TWO WAYS to find this letterbox. One way takes time and energy. The other costs money. You will pay for it either way, you decide if it is in dollars or pain.

HIKING: You begin on the west side of the mountains at the north end of Stanton Street and HIKE to find the letterbox. The trail starts there, and follows the foothills north of Crazy Cat Mountain, then turns south into Crazy Cat Canyon. It follows the 1000 steps trail and arrives eventually at the mountaintop site of the Wyler Aerial tramway at the CH-9 TV transmitter. The one-way distance is 1.7 miles and the elevation gain is 1285 feet. Check below for hours of operation. The trail is always available, but the letterbox is not.


DRIVE-RIDE: You can begin on the east side of the mountains, drive to 1700 McKinley St. and PAY for someone else to do the hard work - Ride the Tram. This Letterbox can be found in under an hour, but you may want to plan on taking a while to enjoy the area. For more information and business hours – plus tour, history, and other information, go here.


This letterbox isn’t even hidden. There is no safe place to hide it up there. It is in the gift shop at the top of the tramway. The rangers are excited to have a letterbox on site, and have agreed to keep it behind the counter at the gift shop. Just ask the ranger sitting at the desk for the Geocache/Letterbox thing. No obligation to buy anything, just take it out to one of the picnic tables and stamp up.

I recommend you bring along a camera. The views are just spectacular. If you ride the tram up, try to do this late on a Friday afternoon when they stay open late. Take up a picnic basket, and stay for the sunset. As the sun sets the city lights come on, and it changes the entire view. Of course, if you hike, plan your time accordingly. This is not a good trail in the dark. Arrive too early and you will need to wait for the gift shop to open.

The BLACK logbook and stamp is the letterbox portion. If you are letterboxing, stamp your stamp in the letterbox logbook, and stamp the letterbox stamp in your logbook. Write a personal note in the log if you like. Then log it on LBNA and AQ. It is that easy!

The GREEN logbook is the Geocaching logbook. If you write in this logbook, PLEASE LOG IT ON-LINE at GEOCACHING.COM TOO! DO NOT put letterbox stamps in the Geocaching logbook. The waterproof paper will not take the ink, and it will make a mess.