A Christmas Gift--a LizardLovers Gift  LbNA # 37240

OwnerReynold and Helena    
Placed DateDec 25 2007
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By Angel Winks
Last Found Jul 15 2013
Hike Distance?

Merry Christmas! My husband gave me a "letterbox" for Christmas. A friend and I found it this afternoon. I will share it with you. These are the directions he gave me:

Celebrating our over thirty years together in a blessed
"________" (the name of the cemetery at the SW corner of West North Broadway and Olentangy River Road, where the box is hidden), I decided to give you a letterbox for Christmas.

Drive in and go straight past section 6; past 10; bear left; right at section 12; left before section 16 and turn right at the "T". Park by "Liao".

Now look generally west to find the path to "A Christmas Gift".

cross the road to
two "Flemings"...
"Gone Fishing"...a "Wise" choice
and "Amos"

Now you should see TWO (one symbol was cut down--glad it wasn't ours) symbols for Christmas. Look behind the last one at about shoulder height for...

"A Christmas Gift"