A 'Poplar' Park  LbNA # 37246 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateDec 26 2007
Location???, OH
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 29 2009
Hike Distance.5 mi
Last EditedApr 16 2016

Difficulty: Moderate Physical, Easy Mental
Location: A Ľ mile hike from parking.
Elevation: Probably a hundred foot increase especially in first fifty yards.
Not advised for handicappers.
Store stamp: Bring your own stamp pad, log book, stamp.

This box is hidden in a park in a remote area of the city of Athens, Ohio.

To find the mystery location, you will need to solve any one of the following puzzles. The name of the street completes each of these lines:

1) The Bard staged his plays in Stratford on __ __ __ __ (Place).

2) An old time cosmetics ad campaign went “Ding Dong, __ __ __ __ calling!” Ask your mom or grandma for help on this.

3) For you novice codebreakers, solve this coded word, Z E N O, for the right Place.

4) You will find a “pleasantview” at the north end of this street.

The name of the park you seek is very appropriate as this street runs from the commercial artery of the town up to the rural area... __ __ __ __ __ Park.

*If the above clues are not helpful enough, you could go to the “towns end” and follow it past “eden” to the “pleasantview”.
Of great help might be an ???/??? City map, available for free from the Visitor’s Bureau office on East State Street. In fact, this location is just one block away from a good starting point for the fourth line above.

Now that you’re at the right park, there are about six parking spaces before you. At least two signs here will confirm you are in the right Park.

There are at least two improved trails leading up, away from this starting point. Both contain some fairly steep inclines, one with landscape timbers or railroad ties holding up the hillside, acting as steps. You can choose either trail, but we chose the left one, to Rockhouse. Both trails have extremely clear painted blaze markings so you can’t go wrong with either choice. Your quest lies on the Rockhouse trail loop, so we chose the left option. I’m afraid the slope may make it too steep for handicappers.

Walk up and continue above the pond. This makes for a nice view down onto the pond. There are some rocky cliffs ahead, but you will not want to take any fork or trail that leads to an overlook. In fact, if you are confronted by a rocky outcropping, retrace your steps: Stay on the clearly marked trails.

There are two wooden foot bridges on this loop trail. Your quest lies between them, just off the path. In fact, when you reach the second footbridge, turn around and walk back 40 paces. On the downhill side, you will see a large poplar tree with three stems. It's about 5 yards from the trail.

Immediately adjacent to the tree (less than 2 feet) is a visible wooden trail box on a metal stake holding it in place. Your quest is inside this box.

Bring a stamp pad and your logbook, and your own stamp to this location, although there MAY be a stamp pad provided, and the stamp inside the box is fastened in place by a cable. There is no opportunity to move to a bench or other location with the stamp, so do your log business right here. Please reseal the baggies and return all contents back into the wooden box, closing it for the next person.

Upon completion, continue onward on the trail, and you’ll discover one or two other junctions with clearly marked directions how to return to the parking area. You’ll find it slightly shorter to return the way you came, but both are equal.

If the logbook is full, please contact the name on the front cover to advise. Enjoy!