Cross Country  LbNA # 3725

Placed DateOct 7 2006
LocationKettering, OH
Found By DumbDog4
Last Found Oct 13 2012
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Cross Country

Cross Country
Difficulty: 2
Kettering, OH Montgomery County
Placed 3 Dec 01 by Flyfisher maintained by WholebrainedHA!
Updated on 10/07/06

Park at N 39.6940 W 84.1140. You may use a GPS to find this parking lot in Kettering, Ohio, or use the website to make a topographic map of the area at large scale for driving and at small scale for walking. The topographic map does not show the lake that has been added to the park. (We don’t have GPS so use map quest with the address of 2655 Olson Drive, Kettering, Ohio 45420.)

Once at the park, find the very high spot next to the lake. All the high school and college cross country races climb this "mount" at least twice. I have run all over the park many times chasing one or another of my children as they raced. If you are here when the
ground is white, take care for your life. Sleds come down the hill at regular intervals.

From the highest point, take a heading of 18° for 117 paces to a yellow pole. (A pace = 2 steps, or about 5 feet) This will take you around a building so that you may continue. From this point, proceed toward 330° passing a basket ball goal at 75 paces. Continue another 18 paces. Begin a path at a heading of 80°. It will take you through the woods and back into the grass. Stop at 125 paces. Now turn to 350° onto a path.

So far, you have been at the lakeshore and climbed a small mountain. Now you will proceed through the forest. This is the only part of the cross-country course closed to cheering during the races held here. The runners are back in these woods for so long that I always suspect they take tea and crumpets while we think they are huffing and puffing their way through the woods. As you see from walking through the woods, there is no rest area set up back here.

Start counting paces. 53 paces after entering the woods note the large fallen tree. At the south end of this tree and on the far side are two rocks. The cross country box is under them. Please email us when you have found this letterbox or it needs attention,