Misfit Deer  LbNA # 37254

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateDec 22 2007
LocationHockley, TX
Found By Stepping By Faith
Last Found Feb 27 2015
Hike Distance?

Distance: 200 yards
Difficutly: Easy

Status of Minibox: Alive and Well on 12/26/07

The "Misfit Deer" landed in Kleb Woods Park just before Christmas, looking for all the other Christmas characters and joyous songs he heard. Look for the glowing red nosed wonder on your next trip.

Take Hwy 290 from Houston toward Austin. Turn right on Mueschke Road, and then eventually left on Draper (if you get to Hwy 2920 you passed it). Park in lot on the left.

To the Minibox:
Walk down the main trail to the nature center on the left. Go to the back side (where bat house is on high pole) and take trail that has multi-trunk tree in the middle enterance. Go past the green arrow leading to the windmill, until you reach the trail split. Take the left path and go to the pond. As you pass the pond, the trail bends right. Duck under the limbs over the trail at the bend, and then look left for a double pine tree. Walk 8 steps off the trail to the back side of this tree. Box is at back base, covered with pine needles and sticks.