Snoopy Skates @ Bates  LbNA # 37257

Placed DateDec 27 2007
Location700 Bates Park Road, Angleton, TX
Planted ByLil' Adventurer    
Found By Gators 88
Last Found Jul 25 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 19 2015

Snoopy Skates @ Bates

(Angleton’s First Letterbox????)

700 Bates Park Road, Angleton TX

This pretty park with oak trees scattered throughout the 25 acres. It has a covered pavillion with basketball hoops. Dickey’s Park which is a new addition, has a walking trail, horseshoe pits, and a playground. I took my boys here to try out the new rip sticks(modified skateboards) and we found the perfect place to skate!!!

Once at Bates Park-
Drive down road and take a right around the curve. Take a right by the baseball fields toward the tennis courts.
Stop and skate on the tennis courts, which by the way, is a perfect spot to try out some of your cool, new skating moves.

To find the letter box, go through the outside gate which about 3 feet tall.
Take five steps forward.
Turn left. While walking along the fence line take 28 steps. You will see the post to the tennis courts on your left. At this point, you may need to put on some sunglasses to look cool so no one notices what you are up to.

Continue on straight close to the fence line for 40 more steps. After the forty steps, stop and look to the right and you will see a fencepost . Look to the left of the fence post and you will see a long slender tree covered with vines.
Snoopy Skates @ Bates Letterbox is behind the tree in the hollow base of the tree.

Reseal and hide well.