Richland Avenue Covered Bridge  LbNA # 37263

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateDec 29 2007
LocationSouthside Park, Athens, OH
Found By Captain Kirk
Last Found Apr 14 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedApr 14 2016

Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: Flat
Distance: less than a tenth a mile walk
Hand-Carved stamp: Bring your own stamp pad, logbook & a rag to wipe off the LB

Take Route 33 Southeast to the Route 682 "Athens" exit. You'll know this is the correct one as the additional signage says "To 56". The northern exit to The Plains is NOT correct.

Take the exit ramp down to Richland Avenue. At the traffic circle, rotate to the right 3/4s around the island, but exit south onto Richland Avenue, away from Ohio University campus. On your right is Richland Avenue Park. One block ahead at the next intersection, turn right onto Dairy Lane. On your right is Richland Avenue Park. It can be quite busy during warm weather.

Your goal is the covered footbridge that connects Dairy Lane to the kids playground. At one time, you could park along Dairy Lane and walk into the park, but that street-side parking is now banned. Drive past the footbridge. You'll note that there are two swinging gates that block access from this side.(This has been added to keep young children from exiting the park over the bridge and into traffic!)

Instead, turn right into the next parking lot and park. Then walk back along the creek to the covered bridge over the creek. Note the park is fenced in, allowing no access to the creek or underside of the bridge.

Exit the park by crossing the bridge by foot. You may have to unfasten the wooden gates at the far end of the bridge to reach to the post that blocks motor vehicles from entering from the street side. Turn around at this point and look up at the peak of the roof. A small plaque describes this as "another Lions Project". Facing this plaque, look down and to the left lower corner, just outside the bridge floor planks. The LB should be a camo-wrapped jar nestled between the pavement and the wooden timbers of the bridge.

Remove the LB and move across the footbridge to the benches or picnic tables to do your stamping.

This is the third stamp placed at this location. PLEASE be careful in replacing to hide from sight, but also secure so the jar won't roll down into the creek. We lost the first logbook due to carelessness. A new one has been placed 4/9/11. Please be respectful and return the stamp, and logbook into the baggie and reseal the LB, protecting it from water and detection. Be discrete when replacing the LB.

Please drop us a line if you should find the box, and especially if you do not. Enjoy!